What saints who patronize

What saintspatron of children - Pantocrator, Guardian Angel, St. Nicholas Ugodnik

to get married - St. Nicholas pleaser

of an unhappy marriage - the holy martyrs Guria Samon and Aviv

the message of children - parents holy Mother of God: Jakim and Anne

for assistance in child care and help in childbirth - "Theodore icon" Mother of God.

for assistance in childbirth - the icon of the Mother of God "in childbirth assistant."

for protection of marriage and family - holy princesses (martyr) and Juliana Vyazemskaya Novotorzhskaya, Rev. Xenophon, his wife Mary and children Arcadia and John, St. Peter and Fevronia of Murom, the Holy Martyrs Adrian and Natalia.

the happiness of marriage, his guardian angel, the holy martyrs Chrysanthus and Darius, the holy Apostle Siigonu (Zealot)

the blessing and patronage of the pious families - St. Archangel Varahiidu;

about the welfare of his second marriage - St. Athanasius abbess;

the desire to have a male child - St. Alexander Svirsky;

the lack of mother's milk for babies - Reverend Hypatia;

of weak teaching children - three young men, holy, holy martyr Neophytou, St. Sergius of Radonezh, prelate Theodosius, Bishop of Chernigov;

taking care to give his daughters - St. Nicholas the Wonderworker, Philaret the Merciful;

to care about the job or occupation for which a son and all children in the age condition - prelate Mitrofan Voronezh;

in sorrow parental heart of the son or daughter (where they live and whether) - Rev. Xenophon and Mary;

the safe return of her husband's long journey - the Forty Martyrs;

when my husband hates and drives his wife - Martyrs Guria Samon and Aviv;

longing for the homeland - Reverend John Kushnikov.

when entering into a new home - the righteous Joseph (chaste), Guardian Angel;

at the opening of the work in the shop, factory, etc. - St. Paul, St. Basil the Great;

trade - the great martyr John Sochavsky;

in drinking houses - St. Basil the New;

at sowing and reaping - Apostle Philip;

success in fishing - the apostles Peter, James and John;

fire - the Mother of God, in honor of her, called "Burning Bush," the Bishop of Novgorod Nikita, Monk Spiridon Prosforniku;

a dearth or drought - the prophet Elijah;

against spoilage of fruits and during the famine - Harlampo martyr;

from caterpillars - martyr Tryphon;

to retrieve stolen - Martyr John the Warrior, the holy Great Martyr Theodore Tiron;

St. Michael the Archangel Patron Construction

St. Nicholas Ugodnik patron of agriculture

St. Anastasia patroness of pregnant and assistant in childbirth

St. George the patron of soldiers

St. Florus and Laurus patrons horses

St. Cosmas and Damian patron of blacksmiths

St. Panteleimon the Healer in diseases

St. Paraskeva Friday patron of trade and weaving

St. Theodore Tyron help in finding stolen goods

St. Ulita Protecting Women

St. Tikhon healer with toothache

Holy cow Agafea protects against disease

The holy prophet David defends the move from adversity

St. Gury, Samonas, Aviv dental healers

St. Luke the Apostle patron iconic painting

Martyr Longinus healer Ophthalmology