Can i give the icon?

It is believed that the icon - a very nice gift. Orthodox icon is part of Russian culture, a symbol of spirituality in Russia. Hard to get a more noble and worthy gift shows your sincerity. The icon is a particle of the eternal, immaterial, will eventually become a family heirloom. Icon can give everyone, not necessarily just a devout or orthodox people.

Many doubt, listening to all kinds of speculations. What icons can give what - can not? On this and I would like to draw your attention.

Clerics say donated from the heart icon, a hundred times more to bring good luck, happiness, and will protect the house from bad things than an icon, bought out of necessity or just. Wrong one who claims that the icons can not give, give these holy faces possible and necessary, because such a gift - the most sincere and is only positive.

Giving icon - make a great mystery
Icons are presented with near and dear people, relatives, friends, good friends, partners in work and business, politicians.
Icon equally good fit in your home, office or office at work.
Unlike other gifts that are deteriorating, not pleasing to the eye and are simply unnecessary, an icon - a sacred piece of the eternal, spiritual, non-material and eventually occupy a dominant place in the house. This gift will become a family heirloom, stored, protected and passed on from generation to generation. Icon invisible thread connects families, because looking at her descendants will honor and remember all of their ancestors.

When and what icons you can give
Many Slavic peoples has become a tradition to give the icon. Usually an image of the saints give relatives, loved ones, relatives, loved ones, good friends, best friends, servants, temples and churches, business partners and the work of a political activist. Very handy icon will be presented to the anniversary, a birthday, the big church holidays Easter, Christmas, baptism of children, the day of the angel and the wedding.
Icon as a gift book for the anniversary, the day an angel was born. Some of the icons of saints in the book icon workshop godparents or parents of a child as a gift to the day of baptism. Moreover, it is a great gift for a loved one. If you give it with true love, it will protect and preserve the man.
At baptism the child is better to give dimensional icon, if donors godparents or parents, then this icon will protect your baby for years to come, to give him health and happiness. Usually dimensional icon parents put the cot baby, holy guards sleeping baby, always by his side, and when the child sees patron he unconsciously communicates with him from early childhood feels and understands the spiritual.
Very touching and unusual gift icon will be written for the whole family. At this family icon depicts the holy family, this could be the holy man and wife, as well as an image depicting the patron of all the relatives, even distant ones. This icon brings together many generations.
For the wedding ceremony icons give parents married. Bridal pair is called an icon of the Lord Almighty and the Blessed Virgin, these icons bless the bride and groom, and present to the mystery of the wedding. Wedding icons accompany all his life, passed on to other generations, give to family happiness, love, patience, and respect and preserve the family unit.
If you need to send the icon to a specific person, you can give names of the icon. On the icon depicted saint who protects this name.
You can also find the icon for the occupation or profession. For medical workers in a gift suitable icon of St. Panteleimon, for students - St. Tatiana and Sergei Radonezh serving patron Saint. George and Alexander Nevsky. Icon, a gift by profession a better place to work.
Yet, in the first instance, the icon given away to pray, to a bright and difficult moments of his life, a person can turn to the saint depicted on the icon. And no wonder, when there is good work after praying before the icon of the patron saint of your work. For example, before the icon of the Virgin "economists" pray for the success of the business.
The icon of the Holy Prince Alexander Nevsky and St. George patron commanders, military prohodischim service in the armed forces.
In the Orthodox tradition of icons you can give for any occasion. Dimensional icon give unborn baby to the christening. Give an icon can be the whole family. Such icons are called family and they are written in the patron saints of the whole family together. If you want to give an icon for a specific person, it is right for an icon.
Bridal couple called two icons: the icon of the Lord Almighty and the icon of the Virgin, which give to the mystery wedding. There are so many icons on all needful who protect and help in different situations, and that will be a good gift for your loved ones. Icons carry in monasteries for the consecration of the holy relics and icons, as a blessing of the icon and the locally locally venerated saints.
If you want to give an icon of the Virgin:
Of Marian iconography often choose a gift icon of Kazan, Fedorov, Vladimir, the Iberian Mother of God. Of the revered saints in Russia often presented with icons Chyudotvortsa Nicholas, George, Sergius, Seraphim of Sarov.