What saints who patronize

What saintspatron of children - Pantocrator, Guardian Angel, St. Nicholas Ugodnik

to get married - St. Nicholas pleaser

of an unhappy marriage - the holy martyrs Guria Samon and Aviv

the message of children - parents holy Mother of God: Jakim and Anne

for assistance in child care and help in childbirth - "Theodore icon" Mother of God.

Can i give the icon?

It is believed that the icon - a very nice gift. Orthodox icon is part of Russian culture, a symbol of spirituality in Russia. Hard to get a more noble and worthy gift shows your sincerity. The icon is a particle of the eternal, immaterial, will eventually become a family heirloom. Icon can give everyone, not necessarily just a devout or orthodox people.

Many doubt, listening to all kinds of speculations. What icons can give what - can not? On this and I would like to draw your attention.

About Jerusalem stone

Many centuries ago, long before the founding of Jerusalem, on this earth has come to sacrifice to the patriarch Abraham and his son Isaac.

Here, a few centuries later, King David established his capital. King Solomon built the temple in Jerusalem, where he preached the Old Testament prophets. In the temple of Jerusalem was brought to the baby Jesus.

On the ground in Jerusalem, on Mount Calvary, Christ cruelly crucified. Then he overcame death and risen from the grave, appeared to the disciples in order to convince them of the truth of his resurrection. These events profoundly changed the history of mankind took place in Jerusalem. Here began preaching the Gospel throughout the world.

Jerusalem is attractive not only the biblical past. Amazing city, which was built thousands of years, is famous for its unique architecture. If you go up into the sky over Jerusalem, then it seems the height of woven light. The secret of this light - the material from which he created the entire ensemble of structures. This building material - a kind of limestone, which is mined in Israel and Palestine. And the name of him - Jerusalem stone.

The symbolism of the icon

Icon - a unique phenomenon in medieval culture. Iconographer had tasks that define characteristics of the medieval world view: to bring human consciousness into the spiritual world, to change minds, to bring a sense of reality of the ideal world, help people find their own path of transformation.

Icon a book about the faith

Word icon - Greek and means "image". Tradition has it that Jesus Christ himself gave them his first visible image.