Our technique of creating icons and souvenirs at the Jerusalem stone

We work only with natural stone, without any physical presses for processing. Jerusalem stone supplies us the firm-supplier specializing only on working with Jerusalem stone.

A company representative personally chooses not yet processed stone-mason at the supplier. Choice determines the quality and color of the stone. Then cut the stone mason almost equal plates, of which subsequently cut basis for future icons and souvenirs.

Polished face of the stem. Side and rear parts remain unchanged, intact. Ie base product will always be only natural Jerusalem stone.
Then on a smooth, polished surface with a unique technology applied image. Thus, does not violate the canons of writing icons.

Leakey all the saints for our icons provided a stunning master iconographer - Kozlov Sergey G. http://www.gitie.ru We are extremely grateful for wonderful work!

It is important to note that the icons and souvenirs made ​​with our unique application technique images do not fade, does not leave paint etc. This icon or a souvenir forever, thanks to excellent properties of Jerusalem stone.

Icons created by us, or should be consecrated at the Holy Sepulchre!

Our technology is the application icons on the Jerusalem stone is almost unique! Only we can be purchased as an exclusive gift or souvenir.

We welcome you to our website and are available to answer any questions you have, all the contacts in the relevant section.

Sincerely, The Jerusalem Stone!