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St. Nina was the niece of the Patriarch of Jerusalem Juvenal. She is a youth loved God with all his heart and deep regret about the people who do not believe in Him. After her father had gone to the desert Zebulun, and his mother was admitted to the deaconesses, St. Nina was given to the education of a devout oxbow. Part of the story of the old women's Iberia (now Georgia), then a pagan country, Nina aroused a strong desire to visit the country and to educate its residents light of the Gospel.

Desire is even stronger when she once saw in a vision the Mother of God, gives her a cross from the vines. And the desire to come to pass, when she fled to Iberia, fleeing persecution, erected by the emperor Diocletian (284-305)..

In Iberia, St. Nina went to live with a woman in the royal vineyards and soon became well-known in the area, because it has helped many sufferers. After learning about the power of her prayers, the patients became in many to come to her. Calling on the name of Christ, St. Nina healed them and tell them about God, the Maker of heaven and earth, and of Christ the Savior.

The preaching of Christ, miracles are committed St. Nina, and her virtuous life acted favorably upon the inhabitants of Iberia, and many of them believed in the true God and were baptized. She turned to Christ in Georgia, and the king himself, Marian (Measure), which was previously a pagan. Then were called from Constantinople bishop and the priests and built the first church in the name of Iberia St. Apostles. Gradually, almost all of Iberia adopted Christianity.

St. Nina, not fond of honor and glory, has retired to a mountain retreat in there thanks to the Lord for the conversion to Christianity of idolaters. A few years later she left her seclusion and went to Kakheti where to Christianity Queen Sofia. After thirty-five feats St. Nina died peacefully on January 14 335 years. In place of her death, King Marian built a church in the name of George, a distant relative of St. Nina.

With the memory of St. Nina connected finding a tunic of Christ. The crucifixion of the Savior that coat the lot of one Roman soldier and after various events came to Georgia.


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