Jerusalem Holy Mother

Icon on the Jerusalem Stone
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According to the legend, the icon of the Mother of God "Jerusalem" written by St. St. Luke in the year of the Assumption (in pyatnad-tsatoe summer the Ascension of the Lord). In 453 the icon was transferred from Jerusalem to Constantinople by Emperor Leo the Great and I placed in the temple of the Mother of God, called shemsya "Pigii" meaning "source." Under Emperor Heraclius, the Scythians in the attack on Constantinople city was saved after a nationwide prayer at Jerusalem's icon. After that, the emperor ordered to transfer the image to the Blachernae church, where he was about 300 years. At the beginning of the tenth century, during the campaign of Russ to Korsun, or Kherson, the icon was brought to this city. Later baptized here St. Vladimir took this image with him to Kiev, and after the adoption of Christianity by Novgorod sent them an icon of Jerusalem, and it remained for over 400 years in Novgorod. Ivan the Terrible, winning Novgorod, transferred the icon to Moscow, the Cathedral of the Assumption, and put it on one of the pillars. During the French invasion in 1812, the Jerusalem icon was kidnapped and brought them to Paris, where it remains to this day in the Cathedral of Our Lady. The Assumption Cathedral is for patriarchal place, there is a list with the Jerusalem icon XVII century, who was previously in the palace church of the Nativity of the Virgin, which is the passage. In the fields of this icon are images of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul, Luke, Simon, Philip, Matthew, James, Thomas and Bartholomew and the Holy Martyrs of Procopius, George and Mercury. Iconographic type image - Panagia Dex.

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