Holy Virgin In childbirth assistant

Icon on the Jerusalem Stone
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The miraculous icon of the Virgin. Since time immemorial, it is known that in times of suffering the most severe at birth, when death is near, women resort to a particularly fervent prayer to the Savior and His Blessed Mother. In pious families and in our time we can see the icon of the Virgin Mary, known as helper in childbirth. Before this icon of worship in fervent prayers martyr-mother calling for help most blessed Virgin Mary, who gave birth painlessly Christ the Savior. To her in a terrible cry, full of secrets minute poor martyr, believing that she was strong before God and assistant Patroness of all who suffer and are heavy laden.

There is another very old icon with a name: The image of the Virgin, Pomogatelnitsy wives chady rozhdati. On this icon the Mother of God is depicted with the head uncovered and flowing over her shoulders Vlasov, folded his arms, and the fingers of his left hand fingers cover up to half of the right hand. Below shows the folded hands sitting at Percy Divine Infant, gums hand that blesses imenoslovno, and left lying on the knee, from the visible tip of the toe clothes. At Our Lady of outerwear red with prozolotyu having on each shoulder by a gold star, lower wear dark green with prozolotyu with gold stars, and with such a well-trimmed collar and sleeves. The head of the Virgin somewhat tilted. On the Savior wear yellow with prozolotyu, chest, cast in a dark green color. The whole image is placed on a crescent moon.

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