Holy Mother of God Derzhavnaya

Icon on the Jerusalem stone
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Our Lady "Reigning" has identified himself as a Russian Orthodox people 2/15 March 1917, the day of the abdication of King-Martyr Nicholas Alexandrovich from the throne.

Inhabitant settlement Pererva peasant Evdokia Adrianova dream was a voice, "There is in the village of Kolomenskoye big black icon. It must take to make the red, and that they pray. " Pious woman began to pray about getting a clear direction and two weeks later I saw in a dream a white church, it majestically seated woman in which she felt a heart the Queen of Heaven. Evdokia went to Kolomenskoye and immediately recognized the vision in his sleep Ascension Church.

At her request, the abbot of the temple began to search for an image and found - in the basement of the old boards and junk in the dust. When a large, narrow, blackened with age icon washed, opened image of the Virgin, seated on a throne with Bogomladentsem. The Queen of Heaven was written with the signs of imperial power: the red porphyry, a crown and a scepter and orb in his hands - hence the name "Sovereign".

News traveled around the whole of Russia that was under Moscow miraculous appearance of a new icon. In Kolomenskoye flocked pilgrims, to give everyone an opportunity to worship the image, it began to carry the neighboring churches, factories and plants, leaving only the Ascension Church on Sundays and public holidays. It is known that the icon has visited and at the Martha and Mary Convent in Zamoskvorechye where it solemnly met Superior, Grand Duchess Elizabeth Feodorovna, and sisters. Soon almost every church there is a list with the "dominant"; prepared Akathist service and in the drafting of which involved St. Tikhon.

After the revolution, during the cruel persecution of the Church of the newly appeared icon never stopped pouring out miracles, strengthening and comforting believers. A case where a request of Our Lady on the day of her "Reigning" icon in 1925 was released from prison, the rector of St. Nicholas in Plotniki Archpriest Vladimir Vorobiev, are respected "dominant" and earlier on Sundays often went about with his choir and congregation in Kolomenskoye Akathist to serve it.

The entries in the books Ascension Convent in Moscow found that the icon was his first in 1812 before the invasion of Napoleon among others was deposited in the Church of the Ascension Kolomenskoye. After the revolution, it was stored in the vaults of the Museum of History, and now back in Kolomna, where it remained in the Kazan Cathedral.

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