Holy Mother Kazanskaya

Icon on the Jerusalem stone
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The icon of the Blessed Virgin Mary, called "Kazan"

The icon of the Mother of God "of Kazan" was in 1579 in Kazan, shortly after the capture of Kazan kingdom of Tatars Ivan the Terrible. This miraculous icon appeared in a dream to a devout girl named Matrona. In the vision of the Mother of God commanded her to tell the archbishop and gradonachal-nick, so they took the icon out of the ground. It was specified and the place itself. Dream was repeated three more times. When Matron heard a voice: "If you have not kept my commandments, then I appear in a different place, and you will die." The authorities did not believe the mother and daughter and then they started to dig in the specified location. The icon was found wrapped in a piece of cloth. It is believed that she was buried before the conquest of Kazan. The rumor of the miraculous icon spread through the city, and then in the presence of the Archbishop of the mayor, the procession moved to the icon of the nearest church of St. Nicholas, and from there to the Cathedral of the Annunciation. In pursuit of the icons in the church, many patients, especially the blind, healed. Copy of the icon was sent to Moscow. Many lists with this icon became famous at the time of miracles. These are: "Tobolsk", "Kaplunovsky", "Ascension" and others.

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