Holy Mother Feodorovskaya

Icon on the Jerusalem Stone
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The first information on this icon back to the XII century and is connected with the memory of St. Martyr Theodore Stratilata warrior, victim and beheaded for his faith in Christ in the IV veke.Predanie says Saint Theodore Stratilat repeatedly brought etusvyatuyu icon Tatar people after devastation. That's why it pervonachalnoenazvanie - Theodore.
After building the Kostroma specifically for etoyikony Assumption Cathedral with the Chapel in honor of Saint Theodore Stratilataona became known as Theodore, Kostroma.
"One day, when the Tatars came to Kostroma, Russian militia came to meet them, carrying in front of his holy Mother ikonuBozhiey. When rati faced each other, between promchalsyanevedomy rider. His crimson robe fluttering in the wind, and oslepitelnosiyal gilded shield. Russian recognized him as the Holy Great FeodoraStratilata. The Tartars attacked a terror, and they fled from the battlefield. So bylaspasena Kostroma ".
This miraculous icon russkoyistorii also binds in the election to the throne of Mikhail Fedorovich Romanov. In teznamenatelnye days when after a long turmoil going all-Russian sobordlya elected king, the Ipatiev Monastery (near Kostroma), where ukryvalsyaMihail Feodorovich, sent an embassy to ask him to tsarstvo.Poslanniki carried with them from Moscow Vladimir Icon and Kostroma vzyalis themselves and the Theodore Icon of the Mother of God. They appeared before materyuyunogo Michael bayou Martha and asked her son to release first refusal tsarstvo.Posle mother refers to young Michael, arhiepiskopRyazansky picked up an icon of the Mother of God and turned to Martha and Mihailuso following words: "For what the icon of Our Lady shestvovalis us on a long journey? If we do not obey, then for Lady sklonitesna mercy and not displease God. " Against these words bayou Marfane could not resist: she fell in front of an icon of the Theodore lap and said: "Thy will be done, Lady! In your hands I commend my son. Train up the right way, for the benefit of ourselves and our country! "So before this ikonoybyl elected first king of the House of Romanov.
However, the Orthodox Christians over pochitayutFeodorovsky image is not a "historic achievements", and for the miraculous assistance received by those with faith in the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary obraschaetsyapred this icon to the Queen of Heaven with prayer.
Pious tradition and testimony mnogihi many people say that prayer before the icon of the Theodore PresvyatoyBogoroditsy particularly effective when it relates to problems of infertility, aid childbirth and child rearing. Theodore icon revered as the patron and Christian families.

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